Hello Rovers North forum and Merry Christmas!

I know there are folks that lurk here and on other forums so please don't be offended that I've posted in multiple places with this problem. I'm just attempting to take advantage of all resources available. Thank you.

I have oil coming out of my filler tube and low oil pressure during hard braking or hard turning once the engine has reached normal operating temperature. It will blow so much oil out that it will cover the engine and be dripping on the ground when I pull into the garage.

I do not have high crankcase pressure as the case is vented to the atmosphere via the filler tube and the valve cover cap.

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Here's a video of that:


I have normal oil pressure at idle and during acceleration regardless of temperature.

Until the engine warms up it is 100% normal.

The engine runs perfect with a smooth idle, smooth acceleration, very little to no exhaust smoke (a small amount on start up) regardless of temperature.

My compression's are: 160, 150, 138, 160. If I add oil to #3 it comes up to 155. 300 miles ago the compression's were 160, 156, 147, 158.

The oil residue on the inside of my oil fill tube is milky but my engine oil is clear and I don't have oil in my coolant.

My oil level is at the high mark.

I run Mobil 1 15W-50 and add ZDDP.

I found someone with a very similar problem after a rebuild in 2010 (georgedubya) on another forum but he never was offered a viable resolution.....but as baffled as me. He posted his email address and I sent him an email but have not heard from him.


Also, the RAC Land Rover Series I-III Expert guide says that oil spraying from the filler cap is due to poor rings or bores. I completely understand this and do have a low cylinder compression on my #3 cylinder.....but this does not explain the volume of oil making its way up the filler tube.

I assume the oil is foaming somehow. Since there is no way to build up pressure in the crankcase with it doubly vented the oil can't be getting pushed out. Something has got to be aerating the oil and I really don't want to end up like the poster on the LRUK forum that rebuilt his engine TWICE without resolving the problem.

My worst case scenario is a block crack allowing combustion gasses from #3 cylinder to an oil line of some sort but I'm really hoping someone has seen this and can say....oh it's just...

I have 3 weeks off in January and I'm planning on resolving this issue one way or another.