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Thread: Need side view photos of trucks with parabolic springs

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    Default Need side view photos of trucks with parabolic springs

    Specifically 109’s if you can (cab top even better). I’m trying to get an idea of the ride height and how much higher the rear is than the front. Thanks in advance.
    '66 IIa 88

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    Hi Travis,

    I'm sorry I don't have a 109 to show you, but I put parabolic springs on my 88 this past summer. I did the 2-leaf fronts and 3-leaf rears. It lifted the Rover very noticeably, but it has since settled a bit. The biggest thing I noticed was the handling, which went from fairly responsive and predictable (well, you know, on the Land Rover scale), to wallowing and wandering. This has also calmed down/dialed-in a bit, and I suspect I've just gotten used to it and compensate unconsciously.

    I had the idea to take before and after pics, but then of course failed to do so. Good luck with your project; I did mine on my own and found it fairly straight forward.


    Anyway, here's an after pic:

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