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Thread: Series III transmission brake question

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    Default Series III transmission brake question

    1974 Series III........Got all parts from host to replace everything in transmission brake. Was able to get everything out with driveshaft in and drum slid back over shaft. Parts flying everywhere but i was sure they would go back in pretty easy. Spent two hours trying to get shoes over shaft and springs on and other parts in order. Never got any of it done as in "zero" so just put parts on table and stopped work filthy, cut and mad. Am i going to have to pull shaft and flange on transmission to get this mess of stuff together. Surely someone has had this problem except me.

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    Do yourself a favor and drop the driveshaft. You'll save yourself a lot of trouble and have a little elbow room to work with.

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    I did just that this morning and also removed the drum flange. Everything went right into place and should have done this to start with. Guess i just needed a little frustration trying it with shaft in.

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