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    I bought a series 2a. (my 3rd 88) no oil to head (runs fine) 40psi indicated at inlet to oil filter, with filter off it'll pump 3 qrts. out before you can shut the key off !!, with the filter on but about .150" from seating, i don't get hardly a pencil line of oil out of filter. obviously a plugged filter right? it does the same with another oil filter.
    the prev. owner had a non rover shop work on it...... they'd forgotten to refill the case with oil. it was driven about half a mile and quit. bottom end sounds fine but despite blowing the pipe to the head and from the lower block back to filter....... i can't get any oil to head and I assume little to the mains.
    with obvious pressure indicated on analog guage and the fact that the pump will blow a lot of oil (with filter off) what's going on? i've considered weak or intermittant pump operation (gears) plugged passages in block and others the but this inescapable observation of no oil making it out of the filter is something i have not cracked yet.
    I've read these forums time to time and know there are a few sleuths out there!
    I'm actually a retired marine chief engineer and have figured out some real mysteries before but this one just isn't making it...... i only had 2 days to work on this (in the driveway) and had to park it.

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    Destroyed bearings (large clearances) will have the system running out of oil before any can reach the head (last in line, fed at the lowest pressure). Time to pull the lump and get on rebuilding it.

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    as mentioned: 40psi shown on inlet to filter housing yet no flow thru filter ........ i've used two different filters.
    I am currently rebuilding a detroit diesel with low press due to excessive insert clearances.
    with the massive flow available, and 40psi indicated i'm suspecting a blockage to the line going to the head but i can get air thru it fine.
    I realize i'll have to take the engine down (was planning on that anyway) but I am stumped as to why with the conditions elaborated on above why their is no flow to the head. ?
    also: note the massive flow when engine ran with filter totally off yet a barely discernable dribble with the filter partially screwed on. (.150 clearance to housing) ....... yes, it is a after market screw on filter adapter that has been on the engine for some time.

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    If memory serves me correctly, there were a batch of spin on oil filters that were on the market with the input and output backwards, which destroyed a few engines due to oil starvation. Perhaps you have one of them which was not taken out of circulation?
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