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Thread: Pickup vs Station Wagon 109 rear chassis

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    Default Pickup vs Station Wagon 109 rear chassis

    Hi all

    Iím looking to add a rear gas tank to my IIa Ď63109 pickup, and Iíve been told by some people who have been involved with Land Rovers longer than I have that my rear chassis wonít accept the rear rank from a Station Wagon. With everything else being so modular about these trucks, I guess it surprises me somehow.

    Can someone post up pics of why this wonít work / how the chassis are different?

    Iíve seen stock 109 pickups with rear tanks so I really donít get why I canít do this to mine.

    Any feedback is appreciated!


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    Pics of my rear chassis below

    _ Moving the muffler is a non-issue, thatís easy
    _ Partially blocking the rear PTO tunnel with the rear tank is also not an issue as I donít plan to use that
    _ And never mind the Australian tray back conversion - that will be going away shortly

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    I'm not sure about a '63 but my '76 S3 (HiCap) 109 has the factory installed rear tank only.

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    I converted from a 5-door to a 3 door (pickup) 109. Minor modifications to chassis only, IIRC. Mostly the way the 2 different tubs are supported.

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    There's no differences in that part of the chassis from a 3 door to a 5 door, as stated, the differences are in the front tub mounting points.

    There is the right side toolbox to deal with as the filler passes through here on a Station Wagon, but otherwise it will fit and work fine. Your toolbox space will be impacted unless you devise some other route in, with associated rework.

    I have both here for reference btw and confirmed before posting.

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    Thanks for replying all and confirming my suspicion that it is possible

    Different related question:

    How come some 109 pickups have rear tanks and some have their tanks under front seat with exterior fill?

    Pics below

    2 109 pickups on the transporter bottom row with front tanks by driver door (B&W pic)
    Rear tank on green pickup (Color pic)

    Any rhyme or reason as to why?
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    I just did this to my 109" pickup. You'll need to cut out the lower rounded portion of the middle crossmember and weld a flat plate over it (it hangs down enough that it would hit the tank). That's the main difference. On the station wagons, that middle crossmember is square with no PTO hole. Land Rover assumed that you'd rather have the PTO functionality on the pickups than on the SW's. Also, you will need to trim off about an 1" on either side of the "wings" (small steel tabs that extend inward from the spring hanger mounts), and cut off one exhaust hanger mount that's in the way. Other than that, you're good. The bolt holes for the tank are the same and mine were already all there.

    Of course, there is the aforementioned rear bed modification for the filler.
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