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Thread: Drive flange bolt leak

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    Default Drive flange bolt leak

    Replaced my worn flanges about 2 weeks ago, and now one of them seems to be leaking from around a couple of the bolts.
    Would I be correct in assuming that I boogered the paper seal? The other side seems to be completely fine.
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    Its more likely that the flange itself isn't flat - one side or the other. If someone used a hammer to knock it loose after removing the bolts, a small ding in the surface will result in leaks. I'd pull it, file the surfaces very carefully to look for a high spot (or actually face it on my 16" disc sander) and reinstall with some Permatex #2 non-hardening sealant after a good cleaning.

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    Being basically lazy, I would identify which bolts are the leak pathway, remove them, clean them, add a little RTV and put them back on (28 foot pounds torque)The oil is not under any pressure and a little RTV or form a gasket should seal the leak pathway. If it is leaking from the base of the drive flange I would pull the drive flange, clean it up and hit it with form a gasket. I don't use paper gaskets.

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