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Thread: Inner fender/wing protector?

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    Default Inner fender/wing protector?

    Hey Guys,
    Has anyone rigged anything to keep rocks coming off of front tires from dinging the top of the wing from underneath? Just getting into body work repair on my 2a and the body man asked so I thought I’d throw it out there Incase anyone has tried it. Would a good “Rino Coat” work if sprayed on inside wing? Thanks in advance!

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    Go to an industrial rubber supply house and get some rubber sheeting (used in conveyor belts). They usually have remnants lying around that they will sell cheap. Make sure it is thick enough to hold its shape and not droop. I lined all 4 wheelwells this way - much quieter and keeps everything clean. Especially effective at protecting your bulkhead and footwells from sandblasting / rusting. Also protects all that exposed wiring and headlight bowls from decay.

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    Thank you, that sounds great. If I might, how did you adhere it to the Birmabright, bulkhead etc. silicone adhesive enough?

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