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Thread: Series 2a steering box vs Series III steering box

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    Default Series 2a steering box vs Series III steering box

    I am rebuilding a steering box for my 1967 Series 2a 88. Trying to be efficient I bought a 1968 box on ebay that is supposed to be a 2a. I felt I could rebuild this box and when done swap it with the box in my car. I am finding that everything looks great on the ebay box except the two seats or areas where the small bearings sit above and below the worm on the inner column. Those seats are part of the inner column and aren't replaceable. On this box they seem pitted although the removable part of the bearing seat seems fine.

    Thats my first problem. My second is that I need to verify if the bay box is a 2a or a III box as the part #'s for replacement bits are different. The only identification stamped on the box is: H2. If I had pulled the box out of my car I could compare but I want to keep my car functional until the rebuilt steering is ready.

    Can anyone tell me how to identify the difference between the 2a and the III box? If it is a III box will it still bolt into my 2a chassis and work OK? One of the reasons I question if the box may be a III is that it came with a piece that goes at the top of the column and strikes the turn signal. My 67 still uses the turn signal with the rubber wheel. I may be able to buy an inner column but I have to be certain which unit I have.


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    Greetings. I have not rebuilt my steering box, (yet), but I do know that when comparing a "Banjo" style steering wheel from my 1965 2A, and a steering wheel (three Prong) style and steering box that goes with it, I know this, that one steering wheel will not fit onto the shaft of the other, the size and fitting for the shaft to the wheel will not accept the other.

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