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Thread: top on (!!!!), custom diesel intake filtration pictures

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    Default top on (!!!!), custom diesel intake filtration pictures

    I finally got the soft top on! I LOVE the look compared to the old hard metal top.

    Here are also some pictures of my "custom" dual air cleaner set up. I eliminated the 6 volt battery in the engine pod, and replaced the other 6 volt battery under the passenger seat with a bigger 12 volt one. That left an empty space under the hood that just seemed to cry for a second air cleaner!

    We took the intake off the engine and relocated the part the air hose clamps to from the front end to the center, then had it welded back on at that location so we could use some stainless steel pipes that were already bent 45 and 90 degrees and it all fit in (almost!) perfect. The only demerit is that the folding arm that holds the hood up rubs on the front air cleaner unless you guide it down when you close the hood, and that spare tire is really heavy! I also took some neat little hand wheels off of a lathe (I think...) and use them to hold down the valve cover and the air hose so it doesnt rattle when the engine is running- its the ONLY part that doesnt!

    My car is done (excepting the doors that still need adjusting, the drippy oil leak from the back axle, an odd squeak over bumps, the spotlight brackets SOMEBODY lost somewhere, the intermittent wiper motor glitches..........)!!!!
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    That air cleaner set-up looks nice. Where did the hard pipe that runs from the intake to the T split come from? I looked for something similar without luck and had to use a flex hose.

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    Really nice, so that's what they're supposed to look like. My 109 looks more like your last picture...

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    I used some pre-bent sections of 2" of aluminum and a "T" fitting made for fabricating custom induction systems for turbocharged cars off of Ebay. The piece from the "T' to the intake is a 90 and 45 degree welded together then smoothed out to blend the weld in. I forgot to mention I had to heat and bend the oil filler tube slightly to make room for the air tube!

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