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Thread: Replacing brake line

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    Default Replacing brake line

    I'm replacing a leaky brake line in my 1970 Series IIA LHD. The offending line is the one that connects the rear right wheel to the front end. I've disconnected the back end but I can't find the front end. I found a likely candidate but before I go disconnecting things, I was hoping someone could confirm that this is it. See the photos below. This connector is under the passenger footwell. If you were sitting there, it would be under your left foot.

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    Default Update

    I removed the floor panel and that let me trace the brake pipe. So I answered my 1st question but now have another - yes, that is the brake pipe in the picture above. But according to the Green Bible, it's supposed to connect to a 4-way junction. I think I see the junction on my truck but this seems to bypass it. Does anyone know if that design is original or a likely PO modification.
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    PO modification.
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    The 4 way connector would've been attached with a tab to the chassis. Is the tab anywhere around? The 4 way also held the brake light switch. Where is your brake light switch located? By the brake pedal box?

    I would eliminate the little union in the picture and run a 1 new line connecting the 2 locations.

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    Hi IIa

    My factory brake light switch on my 63 IIa 109 is located on the right side frame rail (I have a RHD truck), just ahead of where the foot operated high beam switch is inside the cabin. The brake light switch is screwed into the only 4 way brass connector on my truck: 2 ports for the front brake lines, 1 for the brake light switch, and one for the rear brakes which then tee's at the rear diff.

    Good luck


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