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    Default Using floor stands

    I'm thinking about buying a set of floor stands but I'm confused about how to use them. Most of the ones I look at online have a max height of around 20-23" but all the jacks--bottle and floor--seem to have a max height around 15". So how do you jack the truck up high enough to use floor stands around their max height?
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    These things are usually called 'jack stands' and yes used in conjunction with a decent 'floor jack'. Raise the vehicle from under the differential and place the stands either under each end of the axle or under the frame. These stands have a ratchet set-up, so run them up a notch at a time until they reach the height that your jack has lifted to and let them lock in place. To gain more height you (carefully) add a wood block to the floor jack lifting saddle. Be positive that your vehicle is level and the stands are square to the ground, you don't need it sliding off the stands.

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    A good floor jack is essential to Rovering mechanical issues. Forget Harbor freight, I have an old one and it drops over time, is shoddy to begin with, Lincoln, Arcan are great brands 219$, worth the bucks, for the Arcan but I love it. Don't lean on vehicles on jacks, or have your beer drinking friends horse around, falling cars are no joke. cheers mate,

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