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    I'm moving across country and having my new (to me) Landy shipped. Body is a 1961 Series II. This has been a process (Zack can attest and has been great with getting me parts), but I want to put in an auxiliary dash panel for USB charger, Mt. Mansfield Heater Swtich, and switch for backup lights. I'm ordering miscellaneous parts before I leave so they can be with me when it gets to me.

    Does anyone know what size the sheet metal screws are that hold the dash panels?

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    I used pan head machine screws in 10-32 thread pitch, and 1/2 inch long. They are close to the original head design and thread into the holes in the dash that hold the instrument panel on. For my auxiliary gauge panels I used the bottom bulkhead vent actuator screw holes to hold the top of the panel and drilled holes in the lower rail of the dash in line wth the lower instrument panel holes. Them I made 1 inch aluminum strips with a 10-32 hole tapped in them that I JB welded behind the holes I drilled so the bottom holes on the panels would thread in like the factory holes without needing to get a wrench up behind the dash as the heater was a bit in the way on the left side.
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