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Thread: metric wheel studs wobbly after pressed-in to new hubs

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    Default metric wheel studs wobbly after pressed-in to new hubs

    Hi all

    Hope everyone is staying safe...

    Wanted to ask advice on something that's not quite right...

    I bought a new set of Series III (metric studs) hubs from RN

    I then bought this set of Britpart branded FRC7577 extended wheel studs on eBay

    I've removed and pressed in wheel studs many times before - never with any issues.

    This time though, I'd venture that there's at least 1, sometimes 2, of the new studs that are loose after I've pressed them in.
    It's like the Britpart ones don't have the right knurl diameter to properly engage securely in the new hubs

    What do you guys think?
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    Never ever ever put BritParts on your truck. Ever.

    Ban blue bags. Recommend removing them and starting over with studs from a different manufacturer.
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    ZEUS Engineering wheel studs?
    TransGlobalTrading on eBay sells Bearmach branded ones...
    Other options?

    $25 EACH at RimmerBros for genuine Land Rover seems a bit much though ...

    I'll start digging for a new set of FRC7577
    If you have suggestions I'll listen...

    Thank you


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