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Thread: Mt Mansfield distribution box pics

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    Default Mt Mansfield distribution box pics

    Hey All - I'm considering putting a Mt Mansfield in my SIIA but I can't get my head around what the system looks like from inside the cabin. I'm in Australia and no SIIA was fitted with a series 3 style fresh air heater here, and virtually none were fitted with heaters at all, even the shin burner style. I have the bulkhead out of the car and in the process of paint stripping and repair, so whatever holes need to be cut/drilled would be best done now before it gets painted.

    Does anyone have pics of an install process for the distribution box for the Mt Mansfield? Also how/where the controls mount on the dash?



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    I have the Mt. Mansfield heater in my Series III, but there is nothing in the cabin, it's all under the hood, using the same air distribution ducts and controls as the original heater. Sorry can't help with a IIA setup.

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