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Thread: First repair job - The Summer of Seals

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    Default First repair job - The Summer of Seals

    Newish rover owner, and I have finally worked up the guts (and lined up the time) to tackle some repair projects that hopefully my 7 y.o. will want to help with.

    I bought a '68 IIA 109 SW 18 months ago, and have noticed over time that the door and roof seals are torn, worn,or dry/cracked. The alpine window seals also are decaying and have a gap where the previous installer did not leave enough overlap. So I have dubbed this the Summer of Seals - doors, roofside top and bottom, and alpine windows. If there is time, I might tackle the rusted window tracks in the doorside (although a sequel, Winter of Windows may be in order).

    Aside from taking care not to overdrill the rivet holes, is there anything else I should be aware of when replacing all of these seals? For rivet setting, do you recommend a hand or air tool rivet gun? This is my first project, so no advice should be considered too basic! Thanks in advance, and looking forward to being a part of this great community.


    1968 IIA 109 SW (Landshark)

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    I purchased a Campbell Hausfield pop rivet gun years ago, like 25 years ago, still going strong.

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    Regarding the door seals: You may want to consider Genuine Defender door seals from our hosts. Easy to install (they simply press on, one piece for the front,top, and back) and provide a better seal than the Series-style seals. Your doors will close better and easier, too.

    Just my $0.02. Have fun!


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