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Thread: Introductions were made today...

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    Default Introductions were made today...

    It was a bit awkward at first, but I explained that the new Jeep Thing is really your second cousin.

    Me: Rover, this is your new sibling, the Jeep Thing.

    Rover: Where's it from? Does it have 4WD?

    Me: It's from America. You know, the country you've been living in for the last 35 years? If you go back to 1948, you have ancestors in common, in fact!

    Rover: Well, is it made of aluminum?

    Me: Aluminum, steel, and magnesium.

    Rover: What's magnesium?

    Me: Never mind.

    Rover: What's with those ugly bumpers?

    Me: They're plastic. Better if you run over a person.

    Rover: Oh. Does it have 4 forward gears?

    Me: Six. But all of them are a higher ratio than your first four.

    Rover: It looks familiar. Do I recognize it from somewhere?

    Me: Yes, its grandfather completed the Darien Gap with one of your siblings decades ago.

    Rover: Do you still love me best?

    Me: Yes, I still love you best.

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    Nice, I like the fact that they are both green.

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    A great pair of the great cars

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    Thanks guys. I have to admit that the Jeep Thing is a pleasure to drive, and wow does it ever turn on a dime. I swear you could u-turn it on a freaking bike path.

    It's like I was explaining to a friend who couldn't believe I would be so disloyal to the green oval, if you had a magic wand and could fix everything about an old Rover that annoyed you, or that made it difficult for longer trips, and making it mechanically modern but still retaining the charm, short wheelbase, manual transmission, and essential personality, this would be what you'd get.

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