I just got RN's class 3 hitch receiver. My SW has the EE tank guard which is
the same shape as the original guard. I can't seem to fit the hitch as the hitch tube is pushing against the tank.

So far I have:

Dropped the tank to get behind the cross.member. Hitch will not install because the tank guard is in the way.

Dropped the tank guard and propped the tank. Hitch still pushes up against the tank.

Shifted the tank, partially installed the hitch, tried to mount the guard. Guard will not lever up into position, because the hitch is in the way.

Hitch inside tube portion looks too long. Other problem, underside mount bar doesn't line up with the crossmember.

Before i cut 2' off the hitch, what do you guys think, and what sequence or remedies did you have installing the hitch?

Thanks for any help.