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Thread: For Sale: 1995 RRC Lwb

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    Default For Sale: 1995 RRC Lwb

    1995 Range Rover LWB 4.2L, 132K miles with British racing green exterior/tan interior. Never in an accident; runs and drives great. If you have been looking for a clean example of the last of the best, this truck is it.

    Current modifications:
    OME 2” lift (751 front/781 rear)
    OME firm valve shocks (N155 front/N44 rear)
    ARB winch bumper with two Hella 500s and a 60” Hi-Lift jack
    Tabor 9K winch by Warn (used only twice)
    Mantec snorkel
    Front/rear differential guards
    Receiver shackle mounted on rear hitch
    Full length roof rack (60” x 96”) with expanded flooring, two Hella 550s up front and a rear facing Bosch driving light
    Limb raisers (currently not installed – included in the sale)
    Midland CB radio and 4’ Firestick antenna mounted on the ARB bumper
    Dual auxiliary power outlets (installed behind the CB radio)
    5 BFG All-Terrain TA/KO 235/85R16 tires, 4 on Cyclones with less than 6,000 miles (spare has not touched the road yet)
    Headliner fabric removed and material painted dark tan (will never sag again)
    Hood blacked out
    Rear anti-sway bar removed (included in the sale)

    Work performed/accessories installed:

    Within the last 3 years/30K miles:
    Brake rotors and pads (front/rear)
    Serpentine belt
    Entire cat-back exhaust system
    Upper tailgate bracket
    Replaced swivel grease
    Mud flaps
    Transmission kickdown cable and full transmission service including filter
    New heated windshield
    Genuine shock absorber set
    Genuine heavy duty spring set
    Hood blacked out

    Within the last 2 years/20K miles
    Magna Donnelly auto dimming rearview mirror with map lights
    Serpentine belt tensioner assembly
    Fuel tank (replaced under recall)
    ARB winch bumper with Tabor 9K
    OME heavy duty springs
    Mantec snorkel
    Front/rear differential guards

    Within the last year/10K miles
    Range Rover decals front/rear
    Hella 500 and 550 driving lights
    Custom roof rack
    BFG All Terrain tires (5)
    1000 ca/875 cca battery

    Within the last 6 months/5K miles
    Brake pads (front/rear)
    100 Amp alternator (new, not rebuilt)
    Genuine distributor cap and rotor
    Spark plugs (Champion RN 11YC4) and wire set
    Heater control valve
    Coolant hose kit including heater hoses
    Emission hose kit with the Tee piece
    Y-Pipe (catalytic converters driver/passenger side))
    Exhaust manifold (passenger side)

    Within the last 3 months/2K miles)
    Starter (new, not rebuilt)
    Driver’s side swivel seal/grease
    OME firm valve shocks (front/rear)
    Radiator (new)
    Radiator fan cowling (upper/lower)
    Genuine fan blade assembly
    Viscous fan clutch
    Serpentine belt
    Water pump
    Fuel filter

    The most recent cooling system parts above were replaced when the fan broke off and took out several items under the hood. The truck previously did NOT and still does NOT overheat even on a 95 degree day with the A/C (which blows ice cold) on. A couple of small dents on the hood were fixed and the top portion was repainted black.

    Oil changed/drive shafts greased every 2500 miles (no oil use between oil changes), transfer case/differential fluids and coolant replaced every 10K miles or year. Also included in the sale are the rear cargo cover and some maintenance items such as a few oil filters, seals, etc.. The truck runs, drives and looks great (body, chassis, and interior are all in great shape) and does not have any known issues other than those listed below. I would not hesitate to drive it cross country.

    Driver’s seat and outside mirror controls work intermittently (do not work most of the time)
    Sunroof cannot be opened (no leaks whatsoever / did not have the need for it with the roof rack installed)
    Cruise control does not work (never bothered to fix it)
    Front seat heaters do not work (never bothered to fix them)
    There is a very small rust hole above the rear passenger wheel well near the door striker, which can be patched easily
    Bubbling is starting on the rear upper lift gate (it’s intact - opens and closes fine)
    Some minor parking lot dings on the doors
    SRS (airbag) light is on (has always been on since I bought it about four years ago – I was told that the dealer could reset it)

    I maintained and treated this truck as if I was going to keep it forever, which was my intent. However, I lost my spot in the garage where I park it and have no other place to keep it. The truck is located in Bethesda, MD, just outside Washington DC. My asking price is $4950. Please contact me at “kaymaz at msn dot com” if you are interested – you will not be disappointed.


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