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Thread: Changing shocks - supporting chassis

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    Default Changing shocks - supporting chassis

    In the manual it says to only jack on the differential housings, and support on jack stands at the outboard ends of the axle tubes. However, in the instructions for changing shocks, or removing axles it says to "support chassis on stands."

    Anyone know where on the chassis it is O.K. to support the vehicle?



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    Smile Shock change

    The most suitable place is under the rear radius arm forward mount bracket, by the triangular bushing. On the front, under the front raius arms, where they meet the axle casing.
    Hope this assists.

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    I don't have a paved drive......i use a piece of 3/4 ply 1 ft. square under the stands.........
    regards; Dave
    A 1997 Discovery guy from

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