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Thread: WANTED: Early Series IIa 88'

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    Default WANTED: Early Series IIa 88'

    Pictured: Dali Lama's SIIa

    Looking for a early LHD Series IIa 88' witht he headlights between the wings. One with a Safari Roof is always a plus! Willing to drive anywhere in the east coast for pick up but references to trucks in other locations are MORE than welcome! Doesn't need to run but must be a complete vehicle (engine, gearbox, etc.) Looking to spend UP to $2,000. Parted vehicles acceptable and complete vehicles must atleast have wheels fitted and able to roll onto a trailer.

    Me being appreciative of your efforts to help me look for this vehicle is an understatement.

    Thank you all in advance!

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    Forgot to mention that I may be contacted via phone - Cell: 786-280-0119 or via email -

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    Default I got one...

    First of all sorry for my bad english writting. I'm a frechspeaking from Montreal, Canada. I own a 1961 SIIA 88. It has not run for 5 years but it is complete, not a single part missing. I was planning to restore it when I bought it but never worked on it. It is parked inside a garage.

    If this is not to far for you, let's talk!


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    wow, that is the $90,000 rover from ebay

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    Ok, so the hunt is on again. Looking for a early S2a 88 with the Tropical/Safari roof. Doesnt matter if it's LHD or RHD. 2.25 Petrol engine preferred this time. Looking for a project, not a driver. Must be a complete truck though.

    I currently have a 65 IIa 88' but I'm just not happy with it.

    Contact me through here, email: or cell: 786-280-0119

    There are two of you that called me once before. I'm terribly sorry I wasn't able to get back with you. I'm REEEAAAALLY bad about phone-communication. So email or a PM is the way to go.

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    BUMP. Still looking. I've decided to extend the search to Late IIa's.

    Just so you all have a heads up, I'm going to get rid of the IIa I have now as soon as I get the engine to run. It requires more work than I want to do.

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    Default early IIA

    I have a 1963 IIA that sounds like it might fit your bill. It currently has a standard hard top but I do Have a safari top that could go with it.
    This car has been my off roader for thelast couple of years and as such it does have a fairly rough body. I had also begun doing some serious mods to it for more comfort...I built a lowered seat squab and installed a range rover drivng seat...there is no stock fuel tank. I do have the original still.

    This car does run. New dizzy installed in June 2008.
    Feel free to contact me at or phone 207 731-1968.

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    i have this exact vehicle in NH,1961 88/stationwagon it is all there and is a good core for restoration and will take 2k for it <>

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    I would really like to see pictures of this vehicle. Please send them to my email ANY pictures you have are appreciated. Pictures of the frame and bulkhead (footwells and top) are extremely valuable.

    A million thanks in advance!

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    No longer looking for Series.

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