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Thread: 1994 RR County LWB 4.2

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    Default 1994 RR County LWB 4.2

    British green w/ tan interior - 90k miles.

    The air suspension is still in place but does not currently work (buyer can either repair or replace with springs). New tires (less than 10k michelins). Also, the heater, driver's side seat heater, cruise control and rear windshield wiper do not work - haven't bothered to fix these. Other than the wood trim around the gear shift cracking, the headliner beginning to sag in the back and some rust (slight for '94 RR), it's otherwise in good shape. It has the original front grille set. It also has the 6disc changer w/ subwoofer but the changer has either shorted or needs to be repaired. Must sell it because my wife has decided it's not "baby friendly" for our 2 month old.

    I'm in Greensboro, North Carolina - so you should probably take that into account if you're far away.

    email for pictures or to discuss
    Harrison Hall
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    Still for sale?

    Does this have the older squared dash and center console configuration or the newer "discovery-like" rounded configuration?

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    1995 RRCs have the newer/Disco style dash with airbags. 1994 and older don't...
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    I was under the impression that some 1994s were shipped with the newer dash style, thats why i was asking the seller about his particular range...thanks

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    Default More pictures added

    A. Yes, it is still for sale, and I think this has the older dash style.

    B. Below is a link to more pictures. Hopefully, you can get a better look at the dash in the pictures:

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    still availible?

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    Default Yes

    It's still available. Sorry for the delay in responding.

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    Default Listed on Ebay

    And now I've finally gotten around to listing it on Eaby. Link below:

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    Sorry, it has been sold.
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