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Thread: 109 NADA Registry

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    I have checked #720s head part number: 542350...

    Quote Originally Posted by RoverRod View Post
    Thank you Jim, the mystery deepens...

    So, several of us have heads stamped 542350 (the NADA parts book states 542349 - one digit off), someone on the GNR forum said 512850 is the number on his multiple heads which he states have not come off the block, and now your cylinder head with two number's stamped on it; neither of which match any of the others. Very strange... Separately, can someone point me to where on the engine the 343xxxxx number should be? Thanks, Rod

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    It appears it was only running on the first two cylinders... It also had mismatched sparkplugs. Managed to clean the plugs and do a compression test. Results were (front to back): 150, 152, 160, 160, 180 ( that cylinder was full of fuel), 160. I think it sounds good.

    One front brake wheel cylinder was seized. I think I will replace all four.

    The gearbox wasn't in a good shape. Some remains of a thrust washer fell into the drain pan and the mainshaft had the last 1.5 inch missing... Making the list of the required parts as I continue to discover the various PO modifications that were made...

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    I do not know yet as I have to see what kind of condition is the engine. It's running, plated and insured. I need to do a compression check and determine if the head is still good. The 109 has 102,000 miles, and has done only 3000 miles in the past 20 years. Chassis was repaired in many places. At least the repairs have been well made.
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    #453 - Pete Bellas, Santa Clarita, CA - My father purchased it new in 1967, It has been sitting on my ranch for the last 20 years in need of restoration and I hope to get to it this year (2020).

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    If I can be of any help, just ask.

    Jim Chandler (

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    Posted to Guns and Rovers too but might get a better answer here.

    I have a NADA 2.6 and my throttle linkage is sticking. I've taken it all apart and done the following:
    Cleaned all parts
    Replaced the main spring (behind pedal on bulkhead side)
    Replaced the bushing on the back of the engine
    Lubed and reinstalled everything

    When I step on the gas and remove my foot, the pedal returns but the throttle stays on. If I blip the throttle it comes back.

    I can't figure it out. I have another friend who is restoring a NADA and his throttle is doing the exact same thing.

    Any advice?


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    #726 for sale in BC. Has a Chevy engine. I have no connection to the seller.

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