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There are as many negative comments as there are positive, regarding Ashtray's Galvanized Bulkheads. The Galvanizing process results in warped panels. Pegasus manufactured mine. I received an email today from Debbie Halley. They have taken in a partner, have reorganized, and expect to produce and stock Bulkheads. Mine is flawless except for a pair of screw holes. I sent my rusted out bulkhead to be used as a template and I attribute the misplaced holes to the condition of that template.

I don't know how to attach photo's to this site, but I'll be happy to attach a pdf of the bulkhead to an email should someone want to view it. It was shipped "bare", and painted in Kelch's paint shop.

Jim Chandler (redbrush2@yahoo.com
Heard the same thing about Ashtree but I know someone who just got one for a NADA and its nice. I also have a friend who got doors from them and they are great.

As for Pegasus I like them and ordered some stuff from them but I heard the bulkhead business has become a nightmare form them and they were giving deposits back.