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    OK, I need to pay for the flowers for my wedding - which has gone way over budget - so I am selling the 92 RRC. I need the money fast so no reasonable offer will be refused. As you all know I have been trying to sell this thing for a LONG time, but no one seems interested. Frankly, I am tired of looking at it, so make an offer. If no one buys it in the next week I am trading it for parts for the IIa. That being said, I need the money. How about $500???? Make an offer.

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    I just managed to scrape up the money for the flowers so the RRC is now off the market. Best offer I got was $200, which is what the junk man offered me. I'm going to go on ahead and send it to the junk man because frankly, for $200 I'll take the money and not have to worry about someone being mad at me that they didn't get a daily driver for less than $500. I guess the economy is in the crapper so no point delaying the enviable.

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    Did you already get rid of it?

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