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Thread: Disco II engine oil consumption - help

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    Well, I think I found the issue. After noticing the oil residue inside the intake manifold from the passenger side valve cover vent tube to recirculate gases, etc, I began pondering what was done with the PCV valve concept. It appears that Bosch/Land Rover redesigned the PCV valve concept, replacing it with a short vent stack with a small hole in it to regulate vapr flow back into the air intake. Perhaps not bad in concept, but with the advent of emissions controls and restrictions the recirculation of the air back into the air intake for the engine to breath allows oil vapor/mist into the intake perpetually. It would seem that the air flow through the intake creates a vacuum on the vent stack hose from the valve cover, which causes oil to be consumed, depsite the equalization of pressures in the intake and engine when driving. The typical PCV valce with the ball detent prevents this vacuum when the pressures are not required to be vented from the engine.

    Remedy - I got a PCV valve for a 4.6L mustang (figuring engine pressures would be similar) as a tester. I rigged up the PCV valve on a hose and attached it to the vent stack and then reconnected the hose back to the intake. THere was good vacuum at idle, as expected. After driving the disco there is no visible oil consumption on the dipstick, which had been 1/8 quart or more every 100 miles (checking it daily). As I noticed oil residue only on the passenger side I am only testing the PCV valve on that side. Of interest, the other vent stack on the driver side valve cover is at the front of the engine and not the back. There may be something to the location of the vent stack and allowing oil vapor to collect on the inside top of the valve cover and not entering the intake. Now I only need to clean the inside of the intake. BG makes an intake cleaner you spray with engine running - more research and talking with BG, but this is likely next step and BG usually has good products.

    Anyway - hope this helps anyone else having oil consumption issues. Thanks to all who replied adn pndered the issue.

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    I think you need an oil separator part LLJ000010 ... inside the tube running from the vent stack.

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