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Thread: Show us your Series

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    Very cool. Love the Seats and interior cloth. cheers thanks for sharing,

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    I'm spending a couple years working at the US Embassy in Chile and I came across this 1964 2a 109 truck for sale. I had been looking for an early Defender to take home, but I couldn't ignore this beauty. Original motor, original era power steering and brake servo upgrade (we think), and enough benches in back to haul a squadron. My local expert here thinks this was originally a Chilean Air Force truck, as the mods are identical to his known FACh truck, of which there were only a few. It's my daily driver right now. New upholstery is coming soon, followed by some fresh paint. After that, it will remain stock until I take it home to the US in a few years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by berrost View Post
    I just found and bought this 1966 Land Rover Series II model 88 that my father bought brand new in 66. She is beat up and needs a lot of TLC so if you have a front left fender let me know.

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    i just bought a LF Fender from rovers North, just not with the outer skin being aluminum, i've since found there is suppose to be someone making them in the SE ........ formed on a wood block?

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    Hello old friends!
    After more years than I can count, I'm not only back on the forums, I'm reunited with my III RHD! Over the last 5-6 years, I was in some pretty urban areas. I had my Rover in Washington DC, but it needed so much work that I rarely drove it. Then, I had to put it into storage (IE: parents' garage). Now, we're out West and it was just shipped out. Before putting it into storage, I had a lot of work done and while it was under my dad's supervision he had even more done. It's running (mostly) great and it's just so wonderful to have it back in my life! I'd forgotten how much fun it is to drive. .... of course, it still conforms to the rules of my Rover Universe. The second I buy something cosmetic or comfort-related, something mechanical is guaranteed to break. ... when it came off the truck last week, I started it up and realized the starter (interestingly it was brand new) was spinning and spinning. It'll catch eventually, but it's defiantly bad. The great folks at RN were kind enough to RMA it and hopefully I'll be able to swap it this weekend before we get 8-12" of snow.

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