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Thread: Show us your Series

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    There are only a few things you can do on a series truck which return that instant gratification, like cleaning the transfercase. Watching the dirt and grime peel away like a bananna is great, right?

    Hard part is keeping it that way.

    Nice work. Go ahead and start a thread on your rebuild.

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    Here's my 1958 Series I 'PATINA'

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    Looks nice! Welcome to the RN forum.
    Cheers, Thompson
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    Default 1977 Series III 109 RHD 5 door

    Here are a couple of shots of my wife's 109
    [ATTACH][ATTACH]Attachment 2251[/ATTACH][/ATTACH]

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    Default 1972 Series III

    1972 Series III 88"
    2.25 Petrol
    Weber ICH
    VIN 25900980A

    I have the hard and soft tops, tailgate and full rear door.
    She's got a lot of little dings on the body, but not too much rust.

    The decals are from some rally that she participated in, at least two previous owners back. Maybe it was for the 50th anniversary of Land Rover?

    Not running all that well currently. I really think the engine has had it, so I'll be doing a rebuild (my first.) I'll be sure to post pics of the project. She's sporting a new hi-range gearbox from RN though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tweaked View Post
    Here's my 1958 Series I 'PATINA'
    correct me if i'm wrong, but is that a CT plate a spy? If so you should check out the Deer Lake rally in the events section, taking place in killingworth the weekend after thanksgiving. Nothing burns off that extra stuffing and pie like powerless steering.

    72 SIII 88
    67 SIIA 109
    82 SIII Stage 1 V8
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    Default Work in Progress

    Well, Here she is... a work in progress. I've had this Rover for years, but am just now getting around to giving her proper treatment. 1964, IIA located in Albuquerque, NM. I just finished up the Front Suspension (RN parabolics, OME, Polybusings) and am getting ready to remove the rear tub and tackle the rear springs as well. I'm sure I'll get grief from you guys, but I'm deathly afraid of removing the bulkhead and going all the way down to the frame (too many I/Os to mess with, electrical, hydraulic, gauges, linkages...). So, I rebuilt the front end and gave it a fresh coat of high gloss black. It's not a Councours restoration, but I don't plan to drive it in a Pebble Beach kind of way! The members of this forum have made this project a joy for me. Thanks to all of you for your continued advice and feedback. -Brian

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    Heres me reversing into a ATM.. my friend took the pic with his phone. Only thing missing is cigar smoke coming out of the rig Ohh and the oblivious HEEP makes it even greater. I had to pull two people out later that night.

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    My new-to-me 1965 Series IIa.. came home last week.

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