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    Default Tie rod boot

    Can anyone tell me the greasepoints on the tie rod ends?
    Do you insert grease needle into the boot making it expand?
    Are there any other greasepoints besides the propshaft?
    the catalogue shows series vehicles have all the same tie rod ends,
    but online the catalogue shows the 110 tie rod ends to be the same--
    very confused, are they the same?

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    The Defender parts are "Greased for life" and are not supposed to need re-greasing.

    Of course, this is to ensure a steady stream of ball joint replacement orders well into the next century.

    If you can get a needle greaser under the boot and get some grease in there at each oil change, all the better for you. If not, just save about $0.50 per week, and by the time you need them, you'll have saved enough to replace them.

    On last tip: if you do replace say the left one on the tie rod, go ahead and replace the right one too. Chances are it's not far behind, and you don't want to pay for two front wheel allignments...

    Don't feel bad. I am currently running at $400-$500 per month just in up-keep on my Defender (just did rear half shafts and four drive flanges in the last two weeks)... They are NOT cheap to run.
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