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Thread: Land Rover Sightings

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    I just recieved the new Mini Boden clothing catolog in the mail yesterday, and on the first page of the boys section there is a dark blue Defender with a bunch of boys sitting on the roof, and a second photo of the rear of the truck with the boys peering out the windows. The truck has range rover classic wheels, and appears to be a working rover, not a shiny concourse restoration. It is difficult to determine the exact model Defender it is from the photos, but it has wind up windows, and no hubs protruding from the range rover wheels, so it must be a defender. I'll try and scan the image into the computer and post it on the board for everyones viewing pleasure, it is not shown on their website.
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    thumb-up Land Rover Sighting: Range Rover on Geothermal Heating advertisement

    Hello Rovers North!!!!

    I’ve submitted several sightings in the past, but have never won a coveted mug – here’s to keeping my fingers crossed that this sighting wins for originality.

    While researching residential geothermal heating systems this morning, I noticed that the company WaterFurnace ( uses a Range Rover in their video (clip at 1:41) to help promote their image of geothermal heating systems. It appears that providing an image of a Range Rover provides a subliminal message to viewers that WaterFurnace’s geothermal heating system is the top choice in heating and cooling systems, similar to Land Rover’s message that the Range Rover is the top choice for drivers who want to drive the best vehicle.

    I am including a jpeg image captured from their website video as well as a link to the video. The Range Rover image can be seen at 1minute 40 seconds into the video. The interesting thing about the particular clip is that while the video pans down into the earth below to show how the geothermal system works, it never pans out of view of the Range Rover. The Range Rover is proudly displayed directly below the manufacturer’s link: visit

    My name and address are listed below. I look forward to reading about a WIN in the next Rovers North catalog. Keep up the excellent and thank Jeff Aronsen for constantly posting pictures of his beautiful QE I. I currently own a 2008 LR2 and a 2004 Disco II, but it’s the Series II-A that I’ve kept my eyes on for my next Rover.


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    Default Rovers in Paris

    Just got back from Paris this week and found Rovers in their European form. New Defenders, diesel Rangies etc. Big Smiles.....saw these two utility defenders on the street.Attachment 4795

    Attachment 4796

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    Am I the only one who posts here?

    I got the JL Powell catalog today.

    There are a couple of photos of a defender in this month's issue. I also found a few of the photos on their website.
    Bad gas mileage gets you to some of the greatest places on earth.

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    Default last night

    On the History Channel program 'Journey to the Center of the Earth". At a salt mine in Germany at 2400' during a marathon run a white Defender 110 was seen working in the mine.
    Jim Wolf

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    Default 20th Century Battlefields

    I was just watching History Channel and in Two different episodes of 20th Century Battle fields the one host is driving around in a blue Defender. the episodes are the 1973 Arab Israiley Conflict and the falklands war between Great Britton and Argentina. As well a few nights ago I was watching on CBC the movie "the Queen" There was at least 10 different Defenders 4-5 range rovers in the movie, In one scene the Queen breaks down whil driving a 130 defender going across a river. She gets out of the Rover checks out what is wrong gets on her cell and tells the Game keeper at the Balmoral estate that she has sung off the front prop shaft. So in spotting at least 15 differnt Rovers I believe i deserve one of the coveted mugs

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    I figured out what the mug/sightings thing was once I posted this in the Series forum-
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    Default Mug-tastic LR sighting!

    LR Defender 90 at Osama Bin Laden's secret compound being driven by Pakistani troops. Seriously. Labelled in the photo as a 'jeep' but that's because Daily Mail journos are idiots.

    Can I have a mug please?!!

    Cate Chace
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    Just saw a new Fuji Film commercial based on bungi jumping, and there is a bonnotti grey 110 crew cab featured in the opening sequence. viewable right on youtube.

    That's mug worthy!

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    Yes, VERY nice sighting! I'll make sure the editor reviews though...
    Cheers, Thompson
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