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Thread: 97 disco - needs repair - 1500 obo

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    Default 97 disco - needs repair - 1500 obo

    Oh sorry

    Located in Johnson Vermont

    It's in pretty decent shape, could be used for parts or fixed up, list of what is wrong
    that I know of:

    Left rear brake calliper seal dead

    Needs shocks

    front windows sprockets' tac welds broke, can be fixed with new welds or rivets i think

    engine leaks oil, not sure if it's the head gasket or valves, oil isn't pasty though

    brake lights aren't working for some reason, and battery died

    the 4wd is locked in position, was told this is somewhat common and it can
    be separated again.

    not a lot of rust - interior is in pretty nice shape. I can post some pictures of it
    maybe tomorrow

    Hopefully I'm doing this right, I'm no mechanic and can't afford to get these things fixed

    also hoping this is an acceptable price range Will add more in a bit like mileage which I have to go check on. Originally bought on salvage title.
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