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Thread: Elephant Hide vinyl material

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    Default Elephant Hide vinyl material

    We now have in stock bulk Elephant hide material. The material is 127mm (50") wide and we will be selling it in meter lengths for $98.95 a meter.
    This will allow our customers to do a more complete job of restoring their interior. Plus you will now be able to send material samples to customers. m
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    Hi my name is Tony Ellard i live in England and i am looking for the Elephant hide do you still have any?
    If so please forward sample picture to
    kind regards Tony

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    I too would like to see a pic of the material.
    Would need enough to complete the two rear bench seats plus the front three seats.

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    Default Grey interior trim


    Link to the Grey Vinyl Trim :-

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    Elephant Hide Grey vinyl fabric from Exmoor is temporarily unavailable until approximately year-end. This is an “estimated date”. I have deleted all pending purchase orders except for what is already in transit and will place new orders when stock is available again from Exmoor. Whatever you see in our inventory system is what we have until Y/E.

    The new fabric is supposed to be an exact match to the genuine EHG, but will be slightly different (almost imperceptible I'm told) than the Exmoor EHG we have in stock and have been selling. If a customer requires an exact match to Exmoor products already installed they may want to consider complete seat sets or interiors.

    Have a nice day.

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