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Thread: Question On a 2004 SE

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuickSilver View Post

    Hey Quiksilver - you wouldn't happen to know if the Gas Cubby application (or something similar) is available to Verizon Wireless (Motorola Rival) phones do you? Looks like a great way to keep track of mileage and oil change reminders from what I read on their website.

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    Not sure if the app is available for other platforms.

    I will tell you though that this app is a must have for any gear head, takes a whole of 10 seconds and you have actual data to use to judge performance.

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    So your average MPG is 13.1?

    If so then our trucks are right in the same area; mine averages just under 13 with a lift and rack.

    I do drive like an old woman, though.

    '01 D2

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    Actually it's 14.4 average. There was an anormally on my very first tank. I should delete that erronous data but I would loose the dollar amount figure for that fillup.

    I drive the Disco as if the gas pedal is connected to a shrapnel bomb. I get my hooligan jollies in Nigel, my 77 MGB. He drinks regular gas and in worst case scenario at a rate of no less than 28 miles to the gallon and when I'm a good boy at 35 miles per gallon.

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