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    Default test

    04 Disco, Gone-Disco died & so did mine
    '72 S3 88 - Leakey & Squeaky

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    twisties~Vermont tarmac rallye style


    Kewl holiday delivery Land Rover!

    Here's what I did to get your photo to show.

    1. I clicked the link you provided and then put my mouse over the photo and hit "right click" on the mouse.
    2. This pops up a little window by the mouse arrow.
    3. Select "copy Image Location" or similar.
    4. Go back to the RN forum area to post the message
    5. Click the little yellow square with the mountain in it
    6. In the window that pops up, "http:// [hit paste - via right click your mouse or "command v" keys ] so your photo address will paste there from step 3, ""
    Cheers, Thompson
    Art & Creative Director, Rovers Magazine
    Rovers North, Inc.

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    Quick test??? Hopefully I will get some notification next time someone subscribes.


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