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    The fuel pump has stopped working. I replaced it and it is still not working. The engine will crank but will never start. Wife drove it to work the other day and parked it and it has not started ever since. I have looked at the fuses and the relays. I have switched them around and not had and luck. Any suggestions? It is an '03 le7.


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    This is a frustrating problem. Noticed loose terminals and tighten them. Had a code reader and got po463 "Fuel Level Switch A circuit high input." Cleared code. Still not starting. Looks like I am getting current to the fuel pump, but I never really hear it prime. Help please.

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    I took a light tester to the terminal end of the fuel pump and I am not getting any current. I light tested the fuel cutoff switch and was able to get light there. I "jumpered" that to make sure current was flowing past the switch. From there, I am not sure what to do.

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    I am having the exact same problem with my 99 Disco II. On top of your same issues, I'm not getting any spark on my plug wires either. This indeed is frustrating. If you resolve your issue please send me the fix info or aI will send it to you if I find the fix.
    Luis Arellano

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    Crankshaft position sensor, maybe? Are you getting an RPM signal?

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    I am in the process of replacing the crankshaft sensor. its on order and should have it today. i am not sure about the RPM signal. Do you know what test I need to do to check for that. If you mean when it cranks, I am not sure. I will have to check on that.

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    SUCCESS!!! This was an expensive undertaking, but none the less fixed. It actually was the crankshaft position sensor that went bad. It is not an easy undertaking on the '03 as there is not enough room for your fingers on one hand. Getting it apart was not too bad, but getting it together was a completely different story. A pair of 14" angled needle nosed pliers will be your best friend for this project. Especially when getting the wires reconnected.

    So the moral of this story is to change the crankshaft sensor if the fuel pump stops working. sensor was about $70 at Napa and the fuel pump was about $450. Hope this helps.

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    Wow. Come here to the Rovers North Forum for advice, then tell the world on this site that you made out like a bandit and bought the parts from Napa. Unreal and a complete disgrace. This is not the Napa website, bub. You got free advice from loyal Rovers North enthusiasts who correctly diagnosed the problem and saved you big $$$, and then you took your business away from the place that helped you. What, Napa couldn't give you the answers you needed? No Land Rover experts?
    When the parts don't last as long as the Genuine Land Rover parts, perhaps then you will understand why it never pays to buy less expensive generic parts that are not vehicle specific or designed for the demands of what a Land Rover is capable of. But then Napa wouldn't get your business, right?

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    Welcome to the real world Ironhead. This forum is a great source for information and I fully appreciate what Rovers North has done for me and my family. I am sure the $70 that I spent with NAPA really broke the bank for Rovers North. Rovers North were very helpful with troubleshooting my specific problem, but they did not come up with the solution, nor did NAPA, and neither did the dealer.
    So, Ironhead, before you spout off your vile hole, better get your facts straight. I did get the pump first so Rovers North did get money. I could have gotten the other part from Rovers North and waited 3 days for the part, or get it from NAPA the same day and possibly have my only vehicle up and running sooner.
    Ironhead, it is people like you that make it so others will not want to post questions or comments to this forum. Go away!

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    First of all, it's Ironhide. Get it right. Second of all, UPS does have next day service, last I checked, so you wouldn't have to wait two days (that would be two day arrival from order placement), and you got that wrong as well. Third, it is, in fact, Land Rover enthusiasts like myself who value this website and the people who work for Rovers North. While $70 may not have "broken the bank" at Rovers North, as you so elequently stated, Rovers North lost the sale, and then you posted where you purchased a discount part as well as the price. You should have kept that to yourself. Finally, you don't have to like my opinion, nor do I care if you do. If people do not wish to post comments or questions that mention other businesses where parts can be purchased, so be it, and all will be better for it. By the way, if you don't believe there is a quality difference in parts, order a Genuine Land Rover oil filter from Rovers North, then go to your local auto shop and take a look at those available there that are half the size and claim to do the same job. Have a nice day, and remember: Diplomacy is the difference between telling someone they have an open mind or a hole in their head. Cheers!

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