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Thread: FS: 1988 Range Rover: $1500

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    Default FS: 1988 Range Rover: $1500

    I am offering my 1988 Rover for sale, Green in color with grey interior. It is located in Springfield, Illinois.

    It is in good running condition. Here are the details:


    No healiner (was missing when I bought it)
    Sunroof is sealed shut with silicon
    Cruise does not work
    Front Floorboards are slightly rusty, but patched with steel
    The fan has been removed and replaced with an Electric. It does not have any problem keeping cool.
    Unknown mileage. The odometer says 28,000. obvliously wrong
    The paint has damage, especially on the hood. Lots of scratches and blemishes. No body damage, though.
    there is a clunking sound when shifting from park to drive. I have been waiting for something to fail, but I have been driving it for over a year this way. It seems to be the front drive shaft moving in and out of the transfer case when shifting from drive to park and back. It does not make the sound any other time. I have not had the heart to remove the transfer case cover and see what is going on in there. I do know that all fluids are at the proper levels.
    Typical broken center console. I glued it as much as posible. Not too bad.

    The Good

    It has a nice roof rack, brush guards, and light covers
    Lots of power. The engine is strong.
    Good tires, probably only 2 years old. lots of tread and the valve stems are still shiny.
    Decent interior. SEats are not torn, but leather is hard. Pass seat is worse than drivers.
    New starter
    A/C was repaired last summer. I can't vouch for the ability of the 20 year old A/C lines to retain the coolant all winter, but it blew cold last year all summer.
    Right side Catalytic Conveter was replaced with new.
    New Alternator
    Power seat switches were rebuilt and all work
    Water temp sensors new (both)
    New water pump (within the last month, and the OEM one, not the cheapy one)
    New hoses were fitted during the water pump replacement.
    New CAP, Rotor, All wires, and All plugs
    Recent Radiator flush and new pressure cap
    Haynes manual comes with it
    I can provide receipts on all the new parts

    I had intended on keeping this truck and driving it, but frankly parts are too expensive for me to keep repairing ( I am sure you all know this). I have put well more into it than I paid for it. It is truely sad, because I do not want to sell, I really enjoy driving it. I am forcing myself to not drive it right now, because I will just want to keep it if I continue driving it around.

    I have had minor problems that require the above maintenance. I can provide receipts for all the parts that I have purchased. I have done all of the work myself. It has been a good truck and really great in the snows that we have had this winter. I have driven it to Chicago, Indianapolis, and St. Louis on trips, but mostly it is an around town vehicle.

    Lately, I have been battling a starting issue where it will not start when hot. thanks to the forums, I have discovered that this seems to be a bad water temp sensor. I had found that if you disconned the sensor, it starts just fine when hot. I replaced the sensor. I believe this is now fixed.

    I have been honest, and I believe the price to be fair for a running truck.
    Please call me a 217-414-1871 or e-mail if you are interested.


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    Default clunking

    I found that same clunking on my 87' when shifting from Park to Drive and chased it down to bad rear suspension bushings - Try this, put her on level ground, with saftey in mind, place it in neutral, get back up wheel chocks just in case with room to move wheel back and forth by hand, move yourself in the path of the vehicle (remember the chocks) rock the wheel by hand back and forth while checking the link bushings or have a buddy that trusts you with his or her life check, the kit is about $300 from Rovers north include the center bush (might as well) or have the dealer put it in for about a grand (yeah that's what I said too)
    Good Luck

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