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Thread: WANTED: 1996-99 D1 in White

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    Default WANTED: 1996-99 D1 in White

    So plans have changed around a bit only because I have not been able to get off the pavement in almost a year! I spend gorgeous Saturdays and Sundays dreaming of either being back home spearfishing, or lost in the northern GA trails.

    So with that said, I'm looking to get back into a Series 1 Discovery. I would rather have an automatic and OBDII truck so 94s and 95s are out. I don't care for mileage but the engine must be in good working order with no ticks, knocks, or previous overheating issues. I would rather not have to deal with rust but will make exceptions if wheel arch rust is minimal. I would also rather not have any sunroofs.

    The real kicker is that the truck must be white! After owning an Avalon Blue truck and getting custom pinstripping from FL and GA trails I promised myself that if I ever got another Disco, it would be white. Plus, White D1s are ***y!

    I hope to apply everything learned from the first D1 into the new one and make a proper overlander.

    I don't want to spend more than $3000. I may be contacted via email

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    Hunt is on again but budget minimized to 1000 or less and accepting refs. to 94 and 95s as well. I've been out of Rovers for way too long. I'm still making payments on the Mini and in a serious relationship (engagement ring shopping). Luckily my girl is a Rover freak as well so that why I'm even able to shop around.

    Help a fellow Land Rover enthusiast get back into a Rover and out on the trails!


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