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Thread: Retainer strap for back door- something missing

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    Default Retainer strap for back door- something missing

    Hi All
    My Discovery is an 03 and the retainer strap (that keeps the door from opening too far) seems to have something missing.

    Where the strap attaches in the door jamb, there is a short stub sticking up, the strap has a hole that sets down over that stub. Is there supposed to be a nut holding down the strap? Or a circlip? It looks like there may have been a washer over the strap at one time. I can't tell if the stub was threaded and sheared off or what.

    I'd look at another Discovery to compare, but there aren't many around here.

    Thanks for any help you might give me! Jeff

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    Default Rear door check strap

    Greetings Jeff,

    Yes indeed there is supposed to be a washer (part # BYF100070, special order would take a week for us to get $0.39)
    And.....a circlip (part #BYV100000 in stock $0.66)


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    thumb-up You betcha!

    I went through the same problem with my '99 DII. First, order six (yes, six) of the circlips (BYV100000) and six of the washers (BYF100070) that Art so graciously recommended. I know, why do you need six? Because the first two circlips will go flying, and the third will get bent. That leaves three, one of which hopefully will secure itself.
    You also need to purchase Waxoyl 120-4, use the red thin extension, and spray it into the cavity where the slide for the strap is secured under the tail door. Do that first.
    Then, place the strap over the metal stub in the tailgate area, the washer on top, then pray. And pray. And pray. Take the circlip, one end with each a pair of pliers/vice grip, gently pull, and hope it secures under the lip of the stub. This will take a few times, trust me.
    Once secure, take the Waxoyl and spray under the slide, under the washer, and on top of the circlip to prevent rust and such. Once it is on, it rarely comes off, but always have a spare.
    Hope this helps.

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    Default Thanks Art and Thor

    That is exactly what I need. Since I'd feel goofy ordering these by themselves, time to scan through the catalog and make a list.

    Best to you, Jeff

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