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08-07-2010, 11:29 AM
Hello all-
Several weeks ago another enthusiast listed, and recommended, Mike Holland from Holland's Garage in Guilford, CT for work on classic Land Rovers, including the '99 DII that I own. I had recommended another individual (who I have since deleted from my Forum posting), but I figured why not check him out.
Well, I went to Mike, and what I discovered was nothing short of astonishing. To change all the genuine LR hoses and refill the coolant, bringing the equipment myself, I was charged for two hours of labor- all of $148.00. You read that right, Mike only charges $74.00/hr.
To install the Rovers North Pro-Line rear brake pads, Mike only charged me $62.00, not even a hours worth of labor, and in the process cleaned and repaired the caliper screws and calipers. That is a total of $210.00, folks.
The individual I was originally referred to, a described "Land Rover Expert Mechanic", was charging me for three hours of labor at $105.00 per for the hose change- a whopping $315.00. Add another hour for the brake pads and it ballooned to $420.00.
Mike is one fantastic mechanic, the best I have ever seen. I am posting this on the Forum for those in the NY/NJ/CT/MA region, as I know not only finding a qualified Land Rover mechanic is difficult, but so are these economic times we are in. His rates are reasonable by any stretch, amazing given his 20 years of experience working on them.
I also asked him about Waxoyl, and he does that as well. Mike was requesting $700.00 for the service for my DII, and the other mechanic was charging me -get ready for this one- $950.00.
I thank CliftonRover for the advice he presented on this forum, I am also glad to let all enthusiasts know as well, as we all need to help each other as best we can. Mike's phone number is 203-464-7722, and his website is www.hollandsgarage.com. All my best to my fellow enthusiasts.