View Full Version : MOD Rebuilt 2.5L NA Diesel complete - for sale

03-22-2007, 02:51 PM
For sale my 2.5L NA Diesel engine and all ancillaries (starter, injector pump, alternator, etc, etc. This remanufactured engine is from a stock of British Military (MOD) spares from the second Gulf War. Complete with build plate and documents. The motor has some interesting differences from other 25L diesel engines Iíve seen - most noticeably a very low profile oil pan. The motor has light miles since the re-build maybe 10,000 maximum and runs tight and strong (no leaks at all) with zero smoke under almost all circumstances (under very cold starts it smokes a little but I think they all do that). I have purchased a bunch of engine updates (new style fuel pump, new injector lines, etc) and am fanatical about oil changes (synthetic only) and maintenance. It also is very economical on fuel.

Iím selling the motor to make way for a new TDI engine. Iím looking for $3000.00 or best offer. PM me for details.