View Full Version : Value of a Dormobile?

03-23-2007, 11:51 AM

If anyone is in the hunt for a Series IIA Land Rover Dormobile, I've got a NADA 1966 Dormobile for sale on LRX.com. Long detail list is on the ad, but in short, she is in great mechanical and body shape having undergone a re-build a few years ago including engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, new paint in and out, etc. Pictures are at link below. Get yourself a daily driver that you can take off-roading on the weekend and not have to sleep on the hard ground Saturday night. Just pop the top, cook yourself a meal on the cooker, do the dishes in the sink, and either sleep on the Dormatic seats turned bed or on one of the two cots in the lift up Dormatic roof! It's the best of all worlds.