View Full Version : 83' D110 High Capacity Pick Up - 200TDI => SOLD

11-08-2010, 04:23 PM
1983 Defender 110 - original early truck, in excellent, clean, unmolested condition. Fitted several years ago with factory 200tdi engine kit. This replaced 2.25 diesel. This is a factory Defender engine (not a Disco retrofit). Lt77 gearbox received short rebuild at same time.
Straight, even panels, door close well, Wolf Door Tops.
Bulkhead good: top and corners are clean, lower and lower dash good, floors have some rust (surface). door pillars good, seat box, sills fine.
Bed is straight, not bunged up/abused, just normal dents. tailgate closes well.
matching 700 x 16 tires, steeel wheels, all reecnt work on brakes, brake pipes.

Chassis was shot blasted w/industrial (bridge) nozzle this past spring, and painted, coated. The powerful nozzle will find weak areas. Non turned up.
outriggers, horns, rear cross all very good.

Engine starts on a button, very snappy, smooth. gearbox not notchy, smooth into 2nd, synchros good, clutch correct.

Truck was well cared for and has had a full service, run through; all fluids, brakes, tie rods needing, u joints.

Only current fault is slight exhaust leak in pipe I will work on.

Comes with Ifor aluminum cap and tonneau frame (no cover)

$14k OBO