View Full Version : 1958 series 2 model 88

04-06-2007, 07:12 PM
1958 serII model 88 (barn fresh) the first year of the series II possibally the oldest in north america, remarkably solid for the year the frame and outriggers are solid with the exeption of the rear x-member it has a 2.25 engine that ran when parked (still turns)the gear box and transfer box all worked too, it has 7.50.16 tyres that hold air, it steers easy and the e-break works like new, it has a hardtop w/tailgate, the suspention is good and sits straight, it has 59k mi.and still has all the 58 goodies, needs brake and clutch hydraulics some tinkering and paint, it is complete, original , and been in a barn for 20+ years $2500 contact: George at (gauto@localnet.com)