View Full Version : Locked out!

11-14-2011, 09:39 AM
Help needed Please! I have an '01 range rover p38 that I just replaced the EAS with coil spring suspension. The instructions said to disconnect the battery so I did but over a couple of days of being disconnected the key remote stopped working. I didnt sweat it and decided to then try to use the regular key in the door to lock it but I heard something snap as I turned the key. At this point I was not locked out. I opened the door and pulled the interior panel out so I could see inside the door. After taking the handle off I found that where the rod attached to the key lock in the handle, that part had broken in half. So I then new what the problem was and planned to start fixing/ replacing parts. The door was then closed and apparently the car decided to disable the engine and super lock the car. I had one window down as I always do so I can crawl in but I can not get the car started and none of the doors will open. If I can get the door open I can fix the lock and possibly reset everything with key in the lock but my big problem is getting the door open right now. any suggestions?