View Full Version : Wading depth

05-11-2007, 12:56 PM
I know in my Series wagon that I can wade mre or less as deep as I want as long as I don't swamp the engine intake. How deep can a Classic go, and is there any way that it can be modified? Like, does the ECM need to be relocated and such?

05-24-2007, 07:13 AM
Officially it was 20" or to the top of your wheel rims if you have larger tires and lift(not the top of your tires). I can say I have had my various Rovers at up to close to 3 feet, but I was really sweating that one. The key to that was a steady 5-8 mph to create a perfect bow wave(with the peak ahead of you and the trough where your engine compartment is) and knowing from a drought the previous year that this particular stream bottom is like a two lane road of stone for about 2 KM. I keep a sheep drovers stick in my kit and it is marked at the height my rims(tops). On my Disco with lift I estimate this to be about 22 inches. I will wade out first and check any stream that I dont know about first, and even check my regulars as they may "wash out" in a storm. Make sure your door seals are good to keep water out, check bulkhead grommets, check carpet afterwards, and plan on changing your driveline fluids regularly-if they look like cappacino, it is contaminated.
Jack of Bavaria