View Full Version : WTT: Restored Series II for NAS D110

08-21-2012, 05:28 PM
The wife and I had our first son just about a year ago and the customary toy liquidation process ensued. At this point I know darn well that if I sell my Series II outright it won't be replaced. Trouble is, it's a real trailer queen. It was restored by Lanny Clark to a ridiculously obnoxious, expensive, out of control level a few years ago and it only has 1200 miles on it since it rolled out of his shop. It spends its life in an auto museum, being driven only occasionally to lubricate the hub seals, charge the battery, etc. It should be driven more than that but I'm not the guy to do it right now. I need something with 4 doors, A/C and a real back seat to safely transport our son in his baby seat. I'm looking for someone who wants a pristine Series II more than they want their mint '93 D110 NAS. Not sure if that person exists here- but thought I'd throw that out. Here's a link to some pictures of the Series II, at various points in the restoration and recent photos:


I may also consider a legally imported puma D130, if something like that actually exists out there. I'd rather not sell outright but may consider it if I'm unable to find a good trade scenario. Let me know whatcha got!