View Full Version : Need help with brakes - 1991 RR Classic

05-24-2007, 09:54 AM
I need help with my brakes - 1991 RR Classic aka "The White Elephant"

I am looking for any help / advice with a problem I have with a 1991 RR Classic.
I purchased the vehicle from a putz!!!!..... that really is putting it mildly.
First of all the purchase price was so low that I could not walk away as the truck had some redeeming features one of which was not the brake system. Compared to my old 1990 Classic this truck was cleaner and had a better body shell (other than the floor pans) than my 1990 (now a donor vehicle), it had some ancillary lighting and a decent bush bar.
The brakes on this vehicle were….according to the previous owner just serviced……I believe that brake service was carried out by a gifted person as the brake lines were cobbled together……flex hose end fittings were stripped and cross threaded to fit brake unions rather than using the correct male fittings…..any of the hub retainer nuts had been removed with a cold chisel….oil seals were in backwards…..he must have owned stocks in the silicone sealant industry as the drive axle flanges were so plastered with a sealing agent that it had contaminated the bearings. Spilt pins had been used to hold the pads in place…the pins were in turn welded to the callipers and then siliconed at the ends….huh!
After looking at this I knew there was no hope in hell that the system had been bled properly and therefore the brake pedal travel could be attributed to this. Well here is my problem I have gone through the entire brake system and put everything back to how it should be ….new lines….calipers…..rotors….pads…hardware…etc….etc. I have now bled the entire system twice and find the brakes are binding at all four wheels. If I depressurize the system and use the hydrostatic circuit the wheels turn freely as they should…..I go through the entire powder circuit and bleed in order ….the brake then bind. Has anyone had any similar experience with these Wabco systems …..an Angel of mercy perhaps ……… I do not want to get into removing the ABS unit and put in the spare I have unless all roads lead to this. I am going to go through the ABS wiring tonight and check that there is power to the unit as during many disconnects to weld in floor pans I may have not plugged something back in…..the ABS light is on however on the dash but I am not sure if this is an indication of a problem in the unit and would this light still be on if the was no power to the ABS unit…..and without power to the ABS unit would this leave valves open to allow a build of pressure to the calipers causing them to bind once the power circuit had built pressure…..questions? questions! Questions$…..can someone stop this madness arrrggghhhhh!
Any help ….advice…would be appreciated (especially the helpful kind).