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11-25-2012, 09:22 AM
Meet Harry and Suzie. They were both born in 1995 and 1996. Like big bother and little sister they have spent most of their entire life together. Both siblings really enjoyed spending time with each other. Harry and Suzie were born with a rare modification called the 5 speed transmission. Suzie was always the groceries, soccer, school and short trips kind of girl. Harry, on the other hand, enjoyed the suspense of having fun all the time. After 8 years of growing up together a tragic thing happened. The original owners passed away and they had to go live with new parents. Thankfully, the new owners and parents treated both siblings with respect and honored their regular maintenance. After a successful 9 years of trouble free enjoyment with the present owners, again Harry and Suzie had to be passed down to their uncle. Harry and Suzie remained just as happy, performing everyday and never to exceed the 5 to 6k miles per year, and kept their owners happy.

Its been quite a journey for these Rovers. Proudly, I can say that as the present owner, I have no trouble with either one of these trucks. They both run and drive as they should. All windows, A/C and heat work well. No cracks or roll back on dash. No cracks on the radio or A/C function bracket. Everything looks new like factory. The rubber boots on both vehicles are in good shape with no wear. No shagging headliner! Both models are SD. So no sunroof and electric seats. Both clutches feel strong. CDL shifts very smoothly. Never been in an accident. They both have a very light tint on the windows. Here is a small descriptions on both:

1995 Stock
3.9 engine
Just turn 91K
Everything works as should
New tires, including spare
New rad, clutch fan, fuel pump, top hose, expansion tank..etc..
Clean underneath with no leaks.
No rips or tears on seats.
Great leather seats and very comfortable.
Suzie runs like a champ and brakes on a dime. No funny noises from engine or street when doing 85 miles per hr..The new tires makes it a very smooth ride. Ice cold A/C and heat work on all levels. I think the clutch pedal will need an adjustment soon.

1995 Modified
4.0 engine
Just turned 94K
Everything works as should
New tires including spare
New fuel pump, belt, wires and plugs..etc.
Very clean underneath with no leaks.
Clean cloth seats.
Modified items: 2 inch lift, safari snorkel, old man shocks and new springs, HD rock sliders, full length custom exhaust, HD steering arms, fairly new rally rims from England wrapped around AT 31/10.5/15 tires..no damage or chips on rims. It had ARB air lockers installed but removed from previous owner, but wiring harness and air lines remain.

Harry runs VERY strong and will out perform most trucks. This truck sounds like a 1965 mustang with a 351 at a light idling and moves as quick and forceful as a BMW M5! I own an 03 and 04 discovery that run like a top, but this truck will out perform and out run my other trucks! Its very reliable and sounds extremely well traveling down the highway doing 90 miles per hr and still pulls strong! Also includes a military M416 trailer for your expedition travels.

Both vehicles are located in Tampa, fl. You can easy convert these beautiful trucks in 200 or 300 TDI or run them as is. I would like to sell them both as a pair and not separate them. But if push comes to shove, I will consider it. Im sure I have forgotten a few things, but please don't hesitate to contact me at 703-586-0207 for pricing or additional pics..Thank you and happy trails.

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