View Full Version : 69 5 door alignment issues

12-12-2012, 07:46 PM
I picked up a 69 109 5 door last October. The vehicle has had some serious work done throughout. Lots of new hardware and shiny parts, and lots of new steel and welding done on the frame, and a salisbury rear end to boot. It was said to be a frame off restoration. What I'm finding is some serious alignment issues. The gap between the rear wheel on the driver side and the rear bodyside panel is about 2- 3 inches. The gap on the passenger side is about 4-5 inches. The vehicle also dips or sags on the driver side. The motor which is a non original 2.25 Petrol is also out of alignment. The fan blade actually brushes against the driver side of the shroud. The frame also shows some repair. I'm thinking that whoever threw this thing back together has got things way out of sorts. I also think the conversion from a 6 cyl. to a 4 Cyl. was not done correctly. Now I admit that this is my first old Series Rover, and I may be sounding a little fussy, and maybe this is what I should expect from this rugged vehicle, but the vehicle just doesn't follow or travel well. Does anyone have any pointers on how to attack this issue.

01-04-2013, 12:20 PM
You would be better off posting this in the technical section. For starters, I would find the chassis diagram and measure it up well to make sure everything is build on a solid base. For the issue you mentioned on the rear axle and the different gaps between the wheels and body work, one of the things that could cause this would be a leaf spring that is going soft. A sagging spring would allow the spring to flatten out more, which also would move that wheel a little farther rearward than the wheel on the other side without a sagging spring. You can see this in several ways; 1. the sagging spring would have less arch in it than the good spring and 2. the shackle on the sagging spring would be angled farther back than the other shackle.

For your fan issue, I would check the motor mounts first and make sure the are all in good order.