View Full Version : 2004 LR Discovery II S

03-01-2013, 11:36 AM
83k miles
Regular maintenance
Well maintainted interior and exterior
Two sun-roofs
Pictures attached
Can provide Car Fax Report upon request

I've owned this LR for 2.5 years, and have kept it regularly maintained (intake gasket, new water pump, etc), oil changes, new tires, etc. I've moved to Boston from NH recently, and we no longer need two cars.

I took the car in recently to get inspected and a few items arose: 1. Real Main Bearing Seal, 2. Rear brake pads, 3. Front door regulator, 4. oil leak (unknown cause). I don't want to pay for all the repairs before selling the car, but it has obviously scared off potential buyers who don't have a LR background.

This is a great opportunity for someone passionate and with a real working knowledge of Land Rovers, to fix it up for a great price. The car is located in the south end in Boston right now, and I would love to show it to anyone who might be in the area.

If interested, please shoot me an email at jordan.s.esten@gmail.com or call me at 920.915.0602. We can discuss any details at that point.