View Full Version : Info on '95 RR purchase

06-01-2007, 08:57 PM
Hello all, after a long while. I have been Roverless for 4 yrs, currently driving a 2000 L Cruiser. I know shoot me!

Anyway I may be going to look at a '95 County tomorrow with less than 60k orig miles. 2nd owner acquired it from his friend (orig owner) Asking $5,500 & says only prob is drivers window track.

Ok, having been an owner of an '88 Rangie I know many of the problems associated with these trucks. Now on the '95 3.9 is the dreaded piston liner slip as prone as on my '88? It cost me a ton to replace the motor & I am in no position to do it again.

I assume the rear top tailgate may be an issue.

How about air susp & anti lock brakes, all expensive fixes that I didn't need to worry about on my '88.

Any other specific things to look at & assuming it checks out whats a good price for one of these trucks; besides what ever the lowest price you can get it for!

Thanks guys & wish me luck; I may be back.

Gary Hamilton
North of Boston